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The nature reserve "Nördlicher Oberpfälzer Wald"
(Northern Upper Palatinate Forest)

A perfect harmony of nature and culture
A warm welcome to all visitors to our nature reserve "Nördlicher Oberpfälzer Wald" (Northern Upper Palatinate Forest) in the north-east of Bavaria, which covers an area of 138,000 hectares.
The villages and towns are idyllically situated among unspoilt low mountain ranges; numerous ponds and river valleys, the hard and rocky soil and the rough climate turn the area into a wild beauty. All those who want to relax and who love nature will find an almost perfect idyll.
Come and experience this harmony of nature and culture. – Discover/Experience-
The nature reserve is an exemplary habitat for man, flora and fauna. The traditional methods of using the natural resources of this area have brought about the characteristic species and habitats, which we are trying to preserve, cultivate and support.
The administration of the nature reserve, - About us - which is situated in the "Landratsamt" (County council) Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, cooperates closely with the local communities, environmental organisations and federal authorities, and supports the work of local specialists. Our overall goal is the conservation of the natural beauties of the area.
Special features of flora and fauna
The nature reserve, which covers parts of the "Landkreise" (counties) Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab and Tirschenreuth as well as of the city of Weiden, - Tourism - is known for its varied countryside with large forests that stretch across the border into Bohemia. In the northern region of the nature reserve, the landscape seems to be enchanted with its woody mountain ridges, little streams, ponds and boggy meadows. Mixed forests, river valleys and striking massifs of granite characterise the rolling hills of the southern Upper Palatinate
Forest. The granite is interspersed with veins of quartz, which add to the special charm of the landscape.
Go to Pleystein, climb up the "Kreuzberg" and enjoy its impressive, 38 metres high rock of rose quartz.
In the western hills extensive pine woods with wild moors offer your soul an ideal space for relaxation.
Impressions:  Spring - Summer -  Fall - Winter
Don’t forget to visit the Pfrentschweiher (a pond near Eslarn). Until it was drained in 1840 it was regarded as Germany’s largest artificial lake with a surface of more than 300 hectares. Today it is a nature reserve of pristine beauty.
You get the feeling here that the trees stand on stilts and want to flee from their environment.
The idyll is completed by a lush vegetation, which is rich in rare and protected species. The native flora and fauna boast arnica, butterwort, gentian and various orchids as well as the white and black stork, the yellow-bellied toad and the kingfisher. It is really worth walking through nature with open eyes to discover its treasures.
Fauna and Flora
The valleys of the Waldnaab (near Windischeschenbach) and the Lerau (near Vohenstrauß) or the legendary Doost (an amazing rock formation) look like enchanted rockgardens. The sound of water flowing over the rocks ranges from a calm and soothing whisper to a wild, foaming bubble.
But the area has much more to offer. Nature’s beauty reveals itself in a completely different way at Parkstein, the Kulmen, the Kühhübel or various other hills. They form Bavaria’s southernmost volcanic region. You can admire masses of lava that have cooled down in their craters or thousands of sharp rocks of basalt, which cover the scree on the ancient volcano called the "Rauhe Kulm". The panoramic view from its top is unforgettable. The same is true with the cone of basalt at Parkstein.
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